POST COVID-19 rehabilitation

Post Covid - 19 rehabilitation in Klinika ReFit

COVID - 19 disease leaves in mild and moderate course a reduced vital capacity of the lungs, weakened cardiovascular system, imperfect oxygen supply to the body, joint pain, stiff muscles, long term feeling of fatigue and depression. The severe course leaves structural changes to the lung tissue that may be irreversible with serious consequences for the cardiovascular system.



If you have experienced COVID - 19, are troubled by shortness of breath, chest pain, inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract this therapy will help you to get back to fitness.


The aim of the therapy is:

  • improving the vital capacity of the lungs
  • relieve muscle tension resulting from respiratory disease
  • increase muscle strength
  • improving balance and coordination
  • improving fitness
  • relieving stress and improving mood

How does Post Covid Therapy at the Klinika ReFit work?

The basis for successful reconditioning at our facility is a professional examination by a physician, where an individual rehabilitation protocol is determined based on the degree of disability, specifically for that client. As part of the examination, the patient undergoes a unique diagnostic WIWE device that measures whether the heart is working properly, whether the blood is sufficiently oxygenated, heart rate as well as many other parameters. This will be followed by a light stress test lasting 1 - 6 minutes. Based on the results of the test, the doctor will suggest a specific rehabilitation procedure, which may be for example:

Respiratory Physiotherapy:

  • Soft and mobilization techniques on the thoracic region
  • training in deepened and localised breathing
  • training in correct postural alignment with diaphragmatic breathing
  • increasing strength and fitness through weight-bearing rehabilitation
  • MLS Laser Therapy

Physio roll exercises:

  • Rehabilitation exercises targeting the cardiovascular system
  • increasing fitness
  • posture correction
  • strengthening of muscle chains with breathing stereotype training
  • use of balancing aids and therabands
  • video

Therapeutic COVID yoga:

  • rehabilitation techniques for restoring breathing functionality and fullness
  • spinal mobilisation
  • relaxation of stiff muscles and inclusion of elements to strengthen emotional stability

Functional training

  • dynamic stretching
  • activation of diaphragmatic breathing with postural correction
  • exercises to increase the mobility of individual body segments
  • increasing strength and fitness
  • static stretching

After a time horizon of 3 - 6 months, the result of the effect of the rehabilitation will be evaluated in a follow-up examination, which is included in the therapy package.

We use state-of-the-art equipment in the Post Covid Therapy at the Klinika ReFit

WIWE examination

An expertly developed diagnostic medical device that takes an ECG within a minute, assesses the condition of your heart, your physical activity performed during the day. It will measure the amount of oxygen in your blood and warn you of possible health risks.


MLS laser therapy with a special CHARLIE applicator:

Laser therapy is a life-booster for the cells - it improves cellular respiration, strengthens cell walls, improves mineral balance, has powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral effects. Relieves spasms and reduces swelling. It also promotes revitalization of Covid-damaged lung tissue cells.

Patients have shown significant improvement in critical parameters such as oxygen saturation, inflammatory markers and others after treatments.


Package €299 includes / normal price of services total = €375

  • initial examination by a physician using the WIWE device
  • 5 x rehabilitation exercises as prescribed by the doctor
  • 5 x MLS Laser therapy on the affected area
  • follow-up examination by a doctor using the WIWE device FREE OF CHARGE

Package 499 € includes / normal price of services total = 650 €

  • initial examination by a doctor using the WIWE device
  • 10 x rehabilitation exercises as prescribed by the doctor
  • 10 x MLS Laser therapy on the affected area
  • follow-up examination by a doctor using the WIWE device FREE OF CHARGE