Rehabilitation procedure

On your first visit to the ReFit Clinic, we will complete a short questionnaire with you regarding your medical condition. Based on the information from the questionnaire, you will be seen by a rehabilitation doctor or physiotherapist who will complete an initial assessment with you. During the initial examination, we will ask detailed questions about the health problems listed, the patient will perform a series of movements and techniques to get a comprehensive picture of your musculoskeletal condition, and then at the end we will determine your diagnosis.

After learning about your condition and based on the examination, the doctor or therapist will suggest treatment options. The ReFit Clinic has an outpatient rehabilitation area and a sports rehabilitation area. Based on the examination and after the diagnosis, we will develop a rehabilitation plan in which we will determine the rehabilitation zone. Together with you, we will plan the appropriate days and times for your therapy sessions to make the treatment process effective. 

Throughout your rehabilitation, you are under the expert supervision of a therapist who monitors your condition and makes sure that you feel comfortable during your treatment.

Once your rehabilitation plan is complete, we follow up with an exit examination where we evaluate the patient's condition. As our client you can contact us at any time, your records will continue to be carefully kept by us, your details are confidential.