MLS Laser therapy

Laser - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is a device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation.

Why is MLS Laser Therapy different than other lower class lasers used in medical facilities?

The MLS Laser Therapy that we use in our rehabilitation and orthopedic clinic has a few specific characteristics over other lasers.

The limited ability of lower grade lasers is to simultaneously achieve an analgesic effect, an anti-inflammatory effect, and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue. MLS Laser Therapy, thanks to the MLS (Multiwave Locked System) pulse, allows to create these effects in the body at once, quickly and efficiently. It can:

Multiwave Locked System

  • combination of two wavelengths with a frequency of 808 Nm and 905 Nm, which ensure penetration of the laser light up to a depth of 4 centimetres
  • continuous emission, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects
  • pulsed emission, which has an analgesic effect

The way the laser emission is emitted predetermines the therapeutic capabilities of the device.

The emitting pulses of the MLS Laser are based on two combined and synchronized emissions. One has the same power as LLLT (low level laser therapy), while the other has the typical characteristics of high power lasers of power class 4. The basic characteristics of the MLS laser are wavelength, pulsation and radiation coherence.

Due to its specific properties, the MLS laser causes a photomechanical effect at the cellular level, resulting in increased activity of biological tissue effects.

How does MLS Laser Therapy help in COVID - 19 disease?

One of the most well-known and aggressive manifestations of COVID - 19 disease is the so-called cytokine storm. This is an exaggerated immune reaction where the body overreacts to a virus and floods the respiratory system with this protective protein, Cytokine. It is confirmed that MLS laser treatment increases the content of a protein in the body called NLRP 10, this is an anti-inflammatory protein because it inhibits the release and production of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin 1-β (IL - lp) and interleukin - 18 (IL - 18). Subsequently, as inflammatory cytokines 1 - β and IL - 18 are released by cells, they trigger the production of other inflammatory cytokines interferon - γ (INF - γ), TNF - α, IL - 6 and others. This gradual release of cytokines will exacerbate and perpetuate the inflammatory response in the body, which triggers a cascade of unpleasant discomforts. We can say that by blocking the production of interleukin - β and interleukin - 18, the inflammatory reaction comes under control thanks to the production of the NLRP - 10 protein. Therefore, MLS laser therapy is indicated in the treatment of diseases in which the inflammatory reaction plays an important role. 

How does MLS Laser therapy help in post - COVID - 19 syndrome?

Patients after overcoming COVID - 19 disease usually have symptoms that are typical of post - COVID - 19 syndrome. These are mainly:

  • Shortness of breath with increased activity
  • Difficulty accelerating during physical activity (the patient has difficulty suddenly increasing the intensity of movement)
  • Shortness of breath in certain body positions
  • Structural changes in the lung tissue
  • Decreased vital capacity of the lungs
  • Problems with breathing stereotype
  • Pain in the chest area

A laser is a device used for non-invasive laser therapy (LLLT, Low Level Laser Therapy). Lasers work on the principle of biostimulation - they stimulate the mitochondria in cells to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP energizes the cell and so faster reproduction takes place, leading to greater collagen production. The softlaser also promotes exchange across the cell wall. Both of these effects lead to healthier skin and reduced treatment time. The non-invasive therapy does not cause pain, injury or redness. Because of the structural changes in the lung tissue, it is necessary to promote the regenerative function of the tissues, which we are able to achieve with laser radiation due to the energization of the cells and increased collagen production (collagen is the basis of every cell in the body).

MLS Laser therapy in our facility is used for:

  • post - COVID - 19 syndrome
  • inflammatory joint diseases
  • joint sprains
  • tearing and stretching of the soft structures of the musculoskeletal system
  • hematoma (swelling)
  • treatment of post-operative conditions
  • scar care
  • skin problems

For a variety of conditions in which inflammatory response or post-inflammatory conditions play a major role, we can achieve great results with a combination of proper diagnosis, rehabilitation plan and MLS Laser Therapy.

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